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Zoot Suite Costume

Jim Carrey The Mask Costume Zoot Suit

Some fictional heroes and characters just creep into your brain and stay there forever and are immortalized in popular culture.

One such unexpected Hero is Stanley Ipkiss (Played by Jim Carrey in the The The Mask movie of 1994) who starts out as a Zero is “The Mask”character from the Dark Horse Comic Book series created by the talented writer John Arcudi.

The Story is about a magical old mask which gives the wearer unimaginable powers but it also affects the personality of the wearer which makes him completely crazy and “out there” by removing all inhibitions. Once the wearer is consumed by the mask he can also become a little bit evil which can lead to quite¬† a few problems in the wearers personal life but always a lot of fun to see on the big screen.

This is probably one of the reason behind the successes of the creative outfits like The Mask Halloween costume He might not be a superhero but he is definitely a fun filled character with large white smiling teeth and

“P.A.R.T-Why? Because I gotta” – A famous Quote from the 1994 Movie shows just how fun loving this green creature is once its taken over its wearer (you in this case)

Zoot Suite Costume

Zoot Suite Outfit

This is a great excuse for you to “go all out” at your next Halloween or Fancy Dress Party.

It is therefore but natural that the entertainment industry and merchandisers of The Mask movies created creative costumes and outfits that are perfect for Fancy Dress themed and Halloween costume parties. There is a wide array of The Mask Halloween costumes available which can fit both adult and kid fanatics. Dressing as the Mask is an awesome way of making your next Fancy Dress or Halloween party a great adventure.

The Mask Costume consists out of a Green Mask (although you can facepaint your own) and at tailored Zoot Suit with a Yellow Hat. It should be comfortable so you can do your Funky Coco Bongo dance moves and entertain your crowd.

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All your friends and family will enjoy seeing you in one of the The Mask costumes and you’ll most probably be the talk of the party.

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